MEGA-LiFe Battery

More Lightweight! More Powerful!


In our wireless world, lithium ion batteries have now become a fixed part of everyday life. High power, low weight, minimum memory effect, zero maintenance and low self-discharge rates are just a few of the advantages of lithium battery technology.


The ‘LiFe’ in MEGA·LiFe batteries refers to the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry used. LiFePO4 or LFP batteries retain all of the regular benefits of lithium ion batteries but are significantly safer and are not prone to the overheating and explosive issues found in other chemistries (LIPO or lithium polymer chemistry found in mobile phones). This chemistry allows for charge/discharge rates up to 10x that of lead acid chemistry (including AGM, Gel, flooded, sealed, etc). Other benefits include full depth of discharge capability, 1/2 to 1/3 the weight and up to 5 times the cycle life of conventional lead acid.

MEGA·LiFe uses A123 System cells in all our batteries. With over 15years in the lithium space, A123 System is an industry leader in LiFePO4 technology and an ultra-reliable power source. We then add MEGA·LiFe’s proprietary casing system that surpasses industry standard 10m drop test and 3m submersion testing (IPX8). A sealed, shock proof, waterproof, temperature resistant power source provides unlimited mounting options and direct replacement for thousands of applications.

But enough is never enough! MEGA·LiFe batteries have an integrated battery management system (IBMS) with unique features to add to the already superior performance. Overcharge voltage, short circuit, over discharge and over temperature internal protection circuits add to the already safe LiFePO4 chemistry. Convenience based systems including lead-acid charger compatibility, low voltage cutoff and the industry leading, reserve power cell all add to the versatile and unique features of this line of products.